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Do you deeply feel for someone? Have you showed your appreciation yet? May it be your loved one, your partner, your friend, your child, your niece, your aunt, … We all have moments when we feel deeply grateful for a relationship. Social occasions may remind us to thank that person for being in our life and to share with them what they mean to us. This might be even the true purpose of our social events: to reflect on important relationships. On top, they also structure our life and give rhythm to our year:

Valentine’s Day - celebrate your significant other
Anniversary - thank your partner
Birthday - be happy with friends
Christmas - reflect with your family
Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha - enjoy with your loved ones
Diwali - adore the light
Mother’s Day - honor your mother
New Year - farewell the old, embrace the new

Birth and Baby Shower - welcome a new baby, appreciate the mother
Baptism - gift peace to a new community member
First Communion - confirm your spiritual path
Graduation - congratulate to an achievement
Engagement - say “yes”
Marriage - share your life
Promotion - be proud of someone

Coco Chanel once said: “The best things in life are for free, the second best are very expensive.” It is certainly true that the best thing in life is spending time together with loved ones. The second best, however, is to gift a present to and to receive a present from a dear person as a sign of appreciation. Such a present is full of thoughts and can revive a colorful book of memories. Do you remember the gift received from your grandparents – or any other persons currently not present in your life – that has the power to bring alive memories of them and, thus, brings them back into your life for the time of the memory?

The story of MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art began as a son’s token of happiness and love, presented to his mother facing a disheartening life challenge. The gift for her was not for a social occasion but for a special occasion: a moment together. Every day was special and worth to be grateful for the time spent together. Until today, all MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art pieces carry the thought of making someone happy – today.

Make someone happy – today!
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