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The “Astrologer” – Your Divine Jewellery Tale

Look up in the nocturnal sky. Do you see the bright-shining diamonds of the night, the brilliant pebbles in the aerial ocean? These celestial crystals hold a divine message for you. Wise people studied how to read the constellations for centuries. Listen to the story of the stars and immerge into the mystic of their tale.

To unveil the numinous information about human affairs and terrestrial events, astrologers often use astrolabes. These disc-shaped instruments comprise of several concentric elements, each element can be rotated independently to mark a specific position or movement of a celestial object. The combination of positions are infinite; only one is yours … and the key to your divine communication.

The “Astrologer”, an exquisite MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art piece, depicts such a disc-shaped device which allows the astrologer to read your stars. The individual rings and their sizes follow the harmonious principle of Fibonacci and of musical intervals, the octave to be precise. An intricate pattern showing formations of stars and their orbits develops across the entire implement. In exactly one position, the elaborate lattice work joins to a continuous alignment and your personal constellation of stars.

The concentric elements of the “Astrologer” can be taken apart – unfolding their true nature. Removing the outmost torus, a mesmerizing bracelet presents itself – the filigree design in polished metal leads towards a fine rim embellished in an ornamental array of marquise-cut and round gemstones. It is this alternating arrangement of stones that makes the fire of reflecting stones more vivid and interesting to the eye.

The next smaller ring serves as central collier piece for a multiple string of pearls. All sides of the ring show the sophisticated star-and-orbit pattern with the exception of one. That side adopts again the unique marquise and round gemstone composition that mesmerizes the eye. Two different ways of lacing the ring with the strings of pearls allow either a modern, low-hanging opera arrangement that stretches the body of the wearer or a classic collier variation higher up that accentuates the face.

The second-most inner circle separates into halves to become earrings. These pieces of jewellery show nicely how the pattern in precious metal evolves around all sides in such delicate manner as to almost disappear only to frame the dancing line of gemstones.

In the center sits the ring. Two versions have been created: The design in metal describes a reduction to the essential and highlights the pattern. It is this purity in the heart of the entire creation, and in this piece alone, that the secret and nature of the pattern is unveiled. Can you detect it? The other variation shows an embellished face of the ring, again, using the marquise and round gemstone arrangement to create the more intense brilliance. The relatively high protrusion of the ring is characteristic to both versions and gives it a unique, modern twist. A twist that stands in dialogue with the classic note evoked by the pattern on the side. What an eye-catcher!

Look again and listen … what are the stars telling? Are they align and soon shining from you rather than from the sky? The Astrologer might be able to tell you.

Astrologer Collection Mario Uboldi Jewellery ArtAstrologer Collection Mario Uboldi Jewellery Art

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