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Clouds inspire people to dream – regardless of age and culture. These fluffy-white cushions in the blue sky seem perfect to ride to a faraway land, to peacefully drift where the winds may carry one! How to capture this feeling? The feeling of freedom, lightness and lightheartedness … of dreaming, drifting and letting go?

It needs to be a sensual shape, something one loves to touch. A shape complex enough to require some time to explore and simple enough to understand in a tactile way. Somehow ordinary yet unique – an eye-catcher that is present but not seeking attention. It needs to be an organic shape, something free-form, unpredictable and flowing in appearance.

The tools required to create such organic shapes evolved around change of the millennium and are all computer based. Many designers and architects experimented with the new tools and created unknown and unusual forms, thus, pushing the boundaries of their trades.

The CUSHION Collection is a good example where cutting edge technology creates something sensual that touches the heart.

The design is available in its pure form in large and small. The gemstone-embellished version comes only in large but as a full shell or, like a cut geode, half shell.

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