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Fine gemstones are often described with the words “brilliance”, “luster” and “fire.” All three terms have to do with the appearance of a gemstone as it reflects light. Brilliance refers to the light reflected from the interior of a gem. Thus only a transparent gemstone can be said to have brilliance. The brilliance of a gem - the amount of light reflected back out of the crown to the eye - is caused by the gem material's refractive index as well as its cut. Gems with high refractive indices, such as diamond, sapphire and ruby, are usually cut to maximize their considerable brilliance. Luster, on the other hand, refers to the light reflected from a gem's surface.

Fire refers to the tendency of a gemstone to split light into its spectral colors. The gemological term for this is dispersion. Dispersion occurs when different wavelengths of light are refracted by the internal facets of a gemstone. Diamond is famed for this quality.

Our CUT Collection is inspired by these phenomena known to gemstones, the sparkles. Similarly as with the breaking of light, the CUT Collection mirrors its surrounding in a precise yet seemingly un-orchestrated way which gives an impression of a spark. The asymmetrical geometry of the surface matches with each neighboring element and, thus, ensures a continuity in the irregular reflection pattern.

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