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The DOT design reflects on British artist Damien Hirst’s “Spot Paintings.” Damien Hirst created over one thousand of these works between 1986 and 2011. The artist only painted five himself; all others were executed by his assistants which opened the discussion on authenticity in the world of art. While earlier works still showed evidence of human intervention, later ones focused on a sterile, mechanical construction – underlining the idea of art-manufacturing. The “Spot Paintings” consist of an infinite regular arrangement of circular shapes colored in random shades. The artworks presumably created the perfect format in which colors can exist on their own and interact with other colors, so the artist. 

The DOT design embraces the idea of a strict infinite and regular pattern as a structure of liberated color arrangement. One of the arrangements, the theme, also pursues the idea of a random layout. However, this is actually misleading as the color allocation is precisely defined to create the visual impression of randomness (which diverges from mathematical randomness). 

A series of seventeen layouts explores the possibilities inherent to the system of a regular, infinite pattern. While the characteristics may not become apparent in a single design, its richness and peculiarity unfolds over the entire collection. 

Damien Hirst understands his Spots only as geometric location in a plane; we see our DOT designs as links to allow dislocation in space. For this purpose, the setting of each stone is engineered as a quadruple, flexible joint. The flexibility of the bracelet becomes a sensation and a miracle of its own right. The original pattern develops a depth and a dynamic not seen before; it mutates to a knitted system with the sensuality of a fabric.

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