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Natural phenomena unfold a fascination of their own. What a spectacle when a drop hits the water surface: it presses the surface down, dives into it, only to jump out again in a joyful way before re-joining and becoming one. The DROP design visualizes and freezes such a moment.

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875 – 1926), borne in Austro-Hungarian Empire, travel Europe and Russia before settling in Switzerland. He is considered one of the most lyrical poets writing in German and describes the joy and flow of water much more eloquent in his poem Roman Fountain.

Roman Fountain

Two basins, one the other overclimbing
Out of an ancient rounded marble rim,
And quietly from upper ones inclining
To lower waters there awaiting them,

The softly talking one with silence rhyming,
And secretly, its hand cupped as it were,
Past green and dark high heavens for it miming,
A thing of which it had been unaware,

Serenely spreading through its lovely shell
Ring out of ring, without nostalgia,
But rarely, drop by dreamy droplet, lacing

Its seepage down a pendent fringe of algae
To the last mirror sheet, which wreathes its basin
From underneath in smiles of interfacing.


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