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As the name suggests, frozen ice crystals inspired the design for the GOLDFLAKE. Snowflakes turn into glittering diamonds when stroke by the sun rays. Examined under a microscope, they unfold an intriguing, ever-changing formation with hexagonal arrangements. Snowflakes often play a mystical role in many tales of Northern cultures.  All these characteristics have been captures in the GOLDFLAKE design.

The GOLDFLAKE is a filigree sphere of crystalline character that visualizes the lightness and the geometric structure of its inspiration. The smooth surfaces reflect the light in all directions creating a fire often otherwise only inherent to crystals. In the variation, a crown of sparkling gemstones enhances the brilliance and dematerializes the GOLDFLAKE further. The ensemble is mostly held tone in tone which induces a feminine sensuality and leaves space to explore the nuances and details of this fascinating creation. However, the GOLDFLAKE can also be set in contrast which then creates a bolder, more contemporary dialogue.

While the nature of the GOLDFLAKE bases on absolute symmetry, the jewelry is worn in an off-symmetrical way as collier. This imbalance increases the attention on the focal point and gives it a modern touch.

The design comes in theme (metal) and variation (gemstone-embellished).

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