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The Lotus flower not only stuns people by its beauty: the blossom hovering above the water while the leaves spread far and flat on the surface. The flower may reach a diameter of twenty centimeters. Its colors gradually change from a warm-intense shade to a light-whitish tone just before its bright yellow pistil captures all attention. The colorful pedals are neatly arranged in alternating positions and only open during sunlight. The plant can reach the age of a thousand years and beyond and has the rare ability to revive even after it dried out.

The plant also serves as vegetable in its endemic areas of Asia and Subcontinent. All parts are edible and prepared to a variety of dishes.

The cultural significance of the Lotus unfolds in the depiction of divinities worshiped in the native area of the flower: many of the deities sit or stand on it, lifted up in the air. Hinduism as well as Buddhism see the Lotus as a symbol of purity of body and mind – as the flower blossoms above the dirty water. The daily opening of the flower suggests the opening of the soul. Particularly in Asian literature, the Lotus flower serves as allegory for the ideal, feminine attributes.

The LOTUS Collection derived mainly from the botanical appearance and translated it into a geometric-reduced net with a sensual shape. The filigree nature and the round shapes emphasize the feminine features. To further accentuate them, a pearl center-stages the design.

The LOTUS design comes in four sizes and can be combined freely between them.

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