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Many cultures believe that bad wishes and diabolic thoughts may be transferred by a malevolent glare, the evil eye, usually given to a person when they are unaware. The belief originated in the Mediterranean and Asian region but has spread across the entire world. Many names exist for the talisman which protects its wearer against this evil look and the harm that might result of it: Evil Eye, Protective Eye, Nazar or Ayn al-hasud. A variety of shapes evolved since its introduction in classical antiquity. The most commonly known from shows concentric circle in deep and light blue separated by a white one and with a center in black. Other forms depict an open palm with a lentil-shaped eye, again, the color blue dominates the appearance.

The emblem has not lost its votaries. However, a more profane side evolved when tourists buy the talismans as a souvenir and reduce it to a solely cultural element.

Our PROTECTIVE EYE design plays on two levels with the original charm: on a purely graphic and on a more spiritual-analytical level. The mesmerizing characteristic of concentric circles is preserved. Yet, while the original creates the powerful graphic through colors, we bring it to life through a sculptured surface and the resulting reflection. Exactly this reflection addresses the other design intent: the emblem should protect its wearer by rejecting the evil view; our polished surface does this literally and reflects or mirrors the surrounding.

The PROTECTIVE EYE is available in two sizes.

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