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“But he who dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose.” By Anne Brontë (English novelist, 1820-1849)

Everyone dwells in associations and emotions when thinking or seeing a rose. The flower has one of the longest, cultural histories and as such developed to a widely used symbol. Associations often relate to beauty and love since the Classical Era. Already the ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with the goddess of love. It was also during this time when the custom started to place a rose in front of the door to indicate confidential matters were discussed. The phrase “sub rosa” or “under the rose” means to keep a secret and derived from this ancient Roman practice.

There are many sayings such as “bed of roses”, “smell like a rose” or “see through rose-colored glasses” which indicate the importance of the flower in many cultures. Interestingly, it is often a touch of ambiguity that swings with it – there is no rose without thorns, the love that is so passionate it turns into hate.

How honored the flower is in the Middle Eastern becomes evident in the parks of Iran and surrounding lands: roses hold pride of place in their geometrical gardens, a cultivation with a long history. The flower enjoys a similar prominent position in literature where the rose symbolizes the quest for divine love and in ornamental decoration. The rose appears frequently on the facades of mosques, palaces and tombs in Shyraz, Iran. These embellishments fuse the technique of geometric tiling with figurative depicting.

Our ROSE design does exactly the same: it follows the tiling principle of creating larger arrangements by grouping individual tiles in a specific way. The figurative part, however, is interpreted in a contemporary, graphic way. The rose becomes visible in an arrangement of four tiles which are symmetrical with respect to the central point.

The ROSE Collection is available in two sizes.

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