Prod-Uct Exhibition at Koel Gallery, Karachi

The first time on public display: the Astrologer at Prod-uct, Koel Gallery

 Definition of a Prod-uct  (noun)

: something that is manufactured to be sold or used
: something that is the result of a process and is refined for sale
: something that is produced or influenced by a particular environment or experience

Keeping the above definitions of "Product" in mind, you are requested to design and produce a piece for this exhibition. It can be a single piece or a combination of several pieces to make one product or collection of products. As long as the piece remains functional and does not become an art installation. The usage and functionality is not to be compromised.

Please join for the opening event at Koel Gallery,
F-42/2, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan (Location Map)
Exhibition lasts until
Mario Uboldi Jewellery Art exhibition Koel Gallery Karachi

Here what they had to say about the artist, the designer of Mario Uboldi Jewellery Art:
(link to more info about André C. Meyerhans)

Here to the latest post on Koel Gallery's FB page of the event which also provides information on the other participating designers, artists and architects:

... and if you would like to see more of the piece on display ... please check out the Astrologer
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