Dot Earrings

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A timeless design makes these solid 18k gold Earrings featuring Tourmaline, Sapphire, Aquamarine.

The design explores variations of layouts and combines colors and cuts of stones to create intriguing effects. The arty nature adds an urban chic and gives the note of a fresh sophistication. The design unveils more and more details and interpretations the longer it is been cherished. In particular the flexible jewelry pieces have a tactile component that is not so apparent on first sight: it feels like the caring touch of a loved one – what a sensual sensation!

This jewelry can be worn as an individual piece or in combination with a matching counterpart. It adds a special touch to a semi-formal occasion or makes a bold statement on a formal event in particular when worn as a set.

The DOT design in its random color arrangement has something trendy and artsy in its appearance. The vibrant colors give the jewelry a certain lightness, something joyful.

Please note, this item is handmade to order and may take two to three weeks to craft.

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