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Work Passionate – Party Passionate

MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art is a Swiss brand, properly registered in Switzerland. However, much of our activities happen in the Middle East – in particular in Dubai, UAE. Reason is that the founder and designer of MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art, André C. Meyerhans, is Swiss but much of his activities take place in the UAE. His heart beats for both cities, Dubai and Zurich, and his mind creates for both cultures.

André C. Meyerhans is an award-winning architect who has been named among the forty most influential architects in the MENA region by Middle Eastern Architect magazine in 2015, 2016 and 2017. His architectural work include Al Nadi Tower in Abu Dhabi and New Garhoud Bridge in Dubai. André is also an artist who's work and installations are part of public and private collections in Europe, Middle East and Asia, e.g. the royal art collection in Abu Dhabi and the royal art collection in Kuwait or the artwork in the main lobby of Yas Viceroy hotel in Abu Dhabi and the artwork at the Embassy of Switzerland in Abu Dhabi. André’s creations blur traditional boundaries between art, architecture and design.

Collaborations with artists and designers are an enriching way to push boundaries further and discover new ways of creating jewelry. We look proudly back onto some exciting collaborations with Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club in London and exhibitions at Bellerieve Musuem in Zurich, Switzerland, Art Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Luxury retailer Liberty in London. Currently, two collaborations take place: together with a university in Switzerland, we explore ways of melting reality and virtuality in design. Augmented reality, self-generating designs and customization are a few topics further investigated in particularly under the aspect of luxury – compatibility with luxury industry standards and the perception of luxury. We are also proud to collaborate with a British artist who exhibited her artworks at Venice Biennial, Italy. She combines in her art computer-generated worlds with hand-painted interventions in a very sensual way. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and be the first to know about these collaborations.

MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art has created a sub-brand called Uboldi Charms. The tradition of charms reaches as far back as 75,000 years and is historically known across all cultures and geographic areas. The little emblems have served as talisman to ward off bad luck or indicated an affiliation to a certain group. More recently, the symbolic meaning became popular, and charms mark a life event, indicate personal interests or affirm a relationship. Fashion also discovered the meaningful and personal side of these ornaments and developed it into a trendy accessory worn as pendant around the neck or as dangling element on a bracelet. Our carefully selected retail partners love to share their passion about Uboldi Charms with you. Please visit their boutiques and get inspired by wide variety of Uboldi Charms:

  • S*uce / Sauce, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE
  • S*uce / Sauce Rocks, Galleria Mall, Dubai, UAE
  • S*uce / Sauce, Village Mall, Dubai, UAE
  • Saucette, Galleriea Mall, Dubai, UAE
  • Tanagra, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE
  • Tanagra, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Tanagra, Villagio Mall, Doha, Qatar
  • Tanagra, Salhiya Complex, Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Marhaba Jewellery, various locations, Doha, Qatar

Alternatively, you may brows our online shop. We offer cash upon delivery within the UAE and credit card payment including free shipment to most countries in the world.

Join us and work passionate – party passionate!
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Share Your Love

Do you deeply feel for someone? Have you showed your appreciation yet? May it be your loved one, your partner, your friend, your child, your niece, your aunt, … We all have moments when we feel deeply grateful for a relationship. Social occasions may remind us to thank that person for being in our life and to share with them what they mean to us. This might be even the true purpose of our social events: to reflect on important relationships. On top, they also structure our life and give rhythm to our year:

Valentine’s Day - celebrate your significant other
Anniversary - thank your partner
Birthday - be happy with friends
Christmas - reflect with your family
Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha - enjoy with your loved ones
Diwali - adore the light
Mother’s Day - honor your mother
New Year - farewell the old, embrace the new

Birth and Baby Shower - welcome a new baby, appreciate the mother
Baptism - gift peace to a new community member
First Communion - confirm your spiritual path
Graduation - congratulate to an achievement
Engagement - say “yes”
Marriage - share your life
Promotion - be proud of someone

Coco Chanel once said: “The best things in life are for free, the second best are very expensive.” It is certainly true that the best thing in life is spending time together with loved ones. The second best, however, is to gift a present to and to receive a present from a dear person as a sign of appreciation. Such a present is full of thoughts and can revive a colorful book of memories. Do you remember the gift received from your grandparents – or any other persons currently not present in your life – that has the power to bring alive memories of them and, thus, brings them back into your life for the time of the memory?

The story of MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art began as a son’s token of happiness and love, presented to his mother facing a disheartening life challenge. The gift for her was not for a social occasion but for a special occasion: a moment together. Every day was special and worth to be grateful for the time spent together. Until today, all MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art pieces carry the thought of making someone happy – today.

Make someone happy – today!
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Where Jewelry Meets Art

MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art is an articulation, part of a larger language in contemporary design with cultural inflection that is applicable to different trades and to different scales. The designer’s approach focuses on analyzing phenomena in art, culture, nature and architecture and distills them to their core parameters to get at their underlying principles. By combining diverse attributes, such as historic and contemporary characteristics, a new visual dialogue emerges which is rooted in its references.

MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art not only blurs the boundaries between art and jewelry but also between cutting-edge production methodology and sophisticated goldsmith tradition which has been passed on for generations. We embrace the idea of "digital handcrafting" and combine the latest digital technologies and fabrication techniques with the individuality of craftsmanship and handwork. We fuse the precision and flexibility of computing and digital crafting with the skill and tactility of the master artisan to create unexpected and desirable jewelry.

Every design derives from an inspiration after which the collection is named. This source is visually and conceptually distilled to its essence and (re)interpreted in a contemporary way. Sketches are digitally translated and 3d printed in order to achieve an unparalleled precision. In the prototyping stage, artisan craftsmanship refines and reworks every detail to ensure the technical tradition infuses the jewelry to the core. Most of our jewelry is created in casting technology. Thus, the final production stages are executed manually by our skilled craftsmen to ensure best quality and a human touch.

MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art are carefully created in precious materials which come from certified sources to ensure our designs are not only beautiful but also ethical and sustainable. We usually craft in 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold and 18k rose gold. Upon request, we create our designs in higher caratage of gold and platinum. Diamonds and other precious stones often complete our designs. We only use natural, fine diamonds and colored stones. While our Uboldi Charms collection focusses on gold and diamond creations, our MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art pieces embrace the full richness of gemstones and pearls. The following gemstones often appear in our designs: white diamond, yellow diamond, black diamond, brown diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald and aquamarine, respectively Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls and Tahiti pearls.

Enjoy our world where jewelry meets art!
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