Astrologer Collier

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The concentric elements of the “Astrologer” can be taken apart – unfolding their true nature. The second largest ring serves as central collier piece for a multiple string of pearls. All sides of the ring show the sophisticated star-and-orbit pattern with the exception of one. That side adopts again the unique marquise and round gemstone composition that mesmerizes the eye. Two different ways of lacing the ring with the strings of pearls allow either a modern, low-hanging opera arrangement that stretches the body of the wearer or a classic collier variation higher up that accentuates the face.

The “Astrologer”, a mesmerizing piece of art, of story telling, of jewellery, presents itself as an exclusive set comprising of ring, earrings, collier and bracelet. 

The pieces shown are in 18k white gold, aquamarine and Akoya pearls.
Other gold color and fine diamonds (SI quality or higher) are possible.

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