Astrologer Ring

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The concentric elements of the “Astrologer” can be taken apart – unfolding their true nature. In the center sits the ring. Two versions have been created: The design in metal describes a reduction to the essential and highlights the pattern. It is this purity in the heart of the entire creation, and in this piece alone, that the secret and nature of the pattern is unveiled. Can you detect it? The other variation shows an embellished face of the ring, again, using the marquise and round gemstone arrangement to create the more intense brilliance. The relatively high protrusion of the ring is characteristic to both versions and gives it a unique, modern twist. A twist that stands in dialogue with the classic note evoked by the pattern on the side. What an eye-catcher!

The “Astrologer”, a mesmerizing piece of art, of story telling, of jewellery, presents itself as an exclusive set comprising of ring, earrings, collier and bracelet. The pieces will be crafted upon client’s request in 18k gold (yellow, white, rose) or higher purity and with fine diamonds or gemstones.

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